Sunday, January 24, 2010

No Girls Allowed

Hi everyone!
Today I have another project to share with you
that I've been working on for a couple of DAYS. I had to ask myself
on the second day of creating this , WHY do I get myself into
making these time consuming projects????
My answer... guess I just LOVE them! lol
As I was looking over the, Wildflower Kids No Girls Allowed, stamp
set I knew I wanted to make some type of club house or
tree house for Sage and Rye.
Here is my feeble attempt at making distressed wood for
their "tree house". :D
For the faux wood I used Kim's idea here, however I did
have to improvise on a few things that she used in her
tutorial. For the window I used the
Quickutz Window that I purchased from DCRU and the tree limbs
I made using my Cricut. I was a little afraid to make
any type of markings on the limbs to make them more life like.
At this point in the game I sure did not want to start over on anything! lol
Maybe next time I will try to spruce up the trees! :)
I knew that this tree house had to have Dutch doors. How fun!! I used
brads for the door handles and a circle punch for the window. Also
I used acetate for the window panes.
Thank you all so much for sharing your day with me! If you have
ANY questions regarding my project today please don't hesitate to ask!
Just leave your question in the comment section below.
TTYL!!! :D
Was going to mention one other thing... The top portion of the door is open... Maybe
I will take a few more pics at different angles so you can see. :D


  1. OMG!!! Yvette..this ROCKS!!! I don't have words to much I love this. Awesome work..the wood look is so perfect.
    love,love it..

  2. Hey Yvette! Thanks for dropping by:)

    I love your cards! Your work is simply awesome! You take such beautiful pictures of your fabulous work!

  3. *gasp* This is AMAZING, Yvette!

  4. OMGosh, this is AWESOME!

  5. So I'm sitting here with my mouth hanging open looking at all the details on this when my husband walked in and asked what I was gaping at and I showed him and now his mouth is hanging open. This is beyond words the coolest thing I have EVER seen. I mean wow. Speechless... WOW.

  6. Holy Canoli Girl, this is Absolutely, freaking the BEST thing I have EVER seen!!! How creative are YOU, this is pick my jaw up off the ground AMAZING!! You are ROCKIN the coloring and the wood is PERFECT!! completely blown away..You are just so talented! :D

  7. Oh my goodness, this is amazing! Stunning! ...and your coloring rocks!

  8. Oh.My. You are a creative goddess!

  9. This is incredible!! I love it! Way to rock out the boys' tree house :o)


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